Java Mission Control released

Java Mission Control (JMC) 5.2 has been released as one of the elements in the ongoing effort to converge HotSpot (Sun legacy) and JRockit (BEA legacy) Java Virtual Machines. *

JRockit Mission Control has been one of the most feature-rich JVM diagnostic toolkit for both development and production environments to monitor, manage, profile, and eliminate memory leaks in Java code. It is non-obtrusive with unparalleled performance overhead (at less than 2% for profiling). Its indispensable companion Flight Recorder receives events from JVM to record the state and status of a JVM and running Java applications for later analysis. Very valuable for post-mortem analysis of a JVM crash and fatal memory leak problems for instance. HotSpot JVM is now capable of generating Flight Recorder events.

Recent Java 7 update 40 release included the first public release of Mission Control and Flight Recorder for HotSpot JVM. Although labeled version 5.2 it is the first HotSpot compatible public release with limitations and known issues, most notably lacking the MemLeak memory analysis tool. But there’s plenty of improvements and bug fixes too. 

JRockit used to be commercially licensed and so is Java Mission Control  except for development purposes. It is included in the commercial Java license (Java SE Advanced or Suite), which themselves are included in most of Oracle Middleware commercial products like the WebLogic Server (Enterprise Edition or Suite, respectively). 

Why wait? Go check the documentation and get your hands on the best JVM diagnostic tools.

Java Mission Control home page
Java Mission Control release notes
Java 7 (latest) download

*) The question remains, shall the converged JVM be HotRockit or J-Spot? :)
(most probably just HotSpot)

Java Mission Control