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SOA Suite free developer license

Did you know Oracle SOA Suite and Oracle Service Bus are now free for developers under OTN Free Developer license? It was announced a while ago but hasn’t made too much news.

Essentially, the license restrictions are:
-deployed on a single developer desktop computer; no shared servers allowed
-pure development purpose; no internal data processing, production deployment or commercial purposes allowed
-when going to production/deployment, proper licenses for the production environment must be purchased
-after going to production, development can still continue under OTN Free Developer license

The last point is the essential difference between the two licenses: under OTN Free Developer license you can continue development after project goes live. With standard OTN Developer license you must purchase commercial developer license after going live first time and continuing development.

You can find almost all Oracle software freely available for download at OTN Download Page but using the software is always restricted by a license. OTN Developer license is available for most, but the more flexible OTN Free Developer license is available for WebLogic Server and now SOA Suite and Service Bus. Take note which one applies to your download!

OTN Free Developer license
OTN Developer license


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